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School Board

The School Board comprises parents, the schools executive, teachers and members of the broader community.  Its role is to set the broad strategic direction of the school consistent with Guidelines set down by the ACT Education and Training Directorate.  We also have a role to play in ensuring that the school maintains its buildings and funds, its various programs to provide our teachers with the necessary resources to deliver the best possible education to our children.

Last year the school was fortunate to receive a Healthy Food Grant. The grant enabled the school to continue its focus on teaching the children how to grow and use healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables.  The canteen has been updated to improve safety and health conditions.  Together, these provide the foundations for providing improved and healthier options for our children.  The school also received a grant for the Swim School, helping to cover the costs of teaching our junior school students to swim.

Over the past few years, Palmerston teachers have focused on increasing literacy through adopting new techniques and undertaking professional development to maintain their currency.  Our students are reaping the benefits and demonstrating improved reading skills and literacy outcomes.  This is a skill for life and the tailored approach to address the students' needs is critical to the success in our school. 

As the societal focus on childhood obesity increases, the activity programs in Palmerston continue to ensure our students remain active. Each day schedules time for physical activity and the school continues to undertake the whole school activities such as the cross country carnival, the ride to school day, and the Walkathon. 

Broader focus activities have included participation in Limelight, NAIDOC week, National Science Week and the vast variety of lunch time clubs that allow the students to try different things and learn different skills. Our teachers work tirelessly to have these programs and activities up and running, thank you!

Finally the Board would like to acknowledge all of the parents and members of our community who have volunteered their time and energy and/or participated in our children's learning over the course of the year. Our Learning Journey and Science Fair was extremely well attended this year, which is testament to the way the school is able to successfully engage parents and carers in their children's learning.

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