Palmerston District
Primary School

Snapshot of Palmerston District Primary School - Embedding the Engaging Schools Framework

Palmerston students:

  • Approximately 470 students from preschool  to year 6
  • 40% speak English as a second language or dialect

PRIDE Values:

  • Participation
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • Empathy

Strengthening Relationships

  • Parents involved in daily morning assemblies so they know about what is happening in the school
  • Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in a daily reading program in the junior school
  • Parents are invited to participate in picture book reading time each morning before school in the library
  • Parents as partners approach to behaviour management

Outcome – Increase in parent involvement

Having High Expectations of Every Student

  • All staff have undertaken 50 hours of PL in 2013 to become ESL trained
  • Staff will be trained in Gifted and Talented education (many staff are already trained)
  • Staff trained in Multi-Lit to address literacy issues
  • A & TSI Picture Book program – learning through pictures and oral language

Outcome – Increase in student literacy

Building an Engaging School Culture

  • Consistency in student and classroom management
  • Consistency in quality teaching and learning across year groups
  • PL for teachers based on evidence of need
  • Priority on Student wellbeing
  • Innovative programs – Radio and television program development
  • SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environment) rooms for innovative group learning with ICT

Outcome – Increase in student cooperation and participation

Enriching Connections with the Community

  • Gungahlin Library program for parents who speak English as second language (or no English)
  • Construction Program – links with high school and construction industry
  • Collaboration with Smith Family for  the establishment of the bike program
  • Green spaces project – students in years 5 and 6 will design and build the space with high school Brick and Block Program

Outcome – Increase in opportunities for students, increase in community support

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