Learning Journey

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Event Name Learning Journey
Start Date 20th Sep 2022 8:30am
End Date 20th Sep 2022 10:00am
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes

We welcome families into classrooms for a Learning Journey. Your child/ren will have the opportunity to showcase some of their favourite learning and work samples from this term. Classrooms will be open at 8.30am till 10am for families to come in and take a look around.  Celebrating the gains in learning and seeing your child’s classroom is something we hope you will be able to join us for. Learning will resume at around 10.15am, after families depart to get on with their day. There will again be opportunity to donate coins/funds to add to our fundraising efforts for play spaces as well as a raffle. (This is not a time to talk to teachers about progress, but rather to focus on classrooms and celebrate learning samples chosen by your child to share with you.) For those children who do not have family members available to attend, many of our school staff will tour rooms to share in their delight.