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Community Involvement - How do we do that at Palmerston?

Palmerston actively seeks ways to enhance student learning and wellbeing. We do this by partnering with parents and families, other education and training institutions, local businesses and community organisations.  Partnerships are strategically established to address identified student needs and operate by providing access to experience, support and intellectual and /or physical resources not available within the school. Palmerston has deliberately and strategically used partnerships to provide additional resources to the school. We have approached this by working with:

  • Communities at Work to provide a before and after school care on siteM
  • Gungahlin Child and Family Centre to provide additional experiences for the Boomerang Club students and their friends and the centre provides opportunities and workshops/courses  to families
  • Gungahlin library in our reading workshops
  • The Men’s shed
  • Vince Ball (CEO) and the construction industry training council and the bricks and blocks program
  • Macquarie University,  the University of NSW and University of Canberra to assist staff in further professional learning in teaching maths, reading intervention and gifted and talented education and other schools
  • Utilising parents/carers as reading tutors and support in the classrooms and for other activities across the school
  • ACT Smart Schools, Sustainable Schools, Defence Assistant – DSTA, Canberra Refugee Support, Physios, speech therapists, school psychologists
  • Sporting groups for skill development, music education and chess classes after school
  • P&C, School Board
  • Rostrum, Maths Association, ALEA,
  • Community hirers:
    • Communities at Work, Music Education, United Taekwondo, Zanshin Martial Arts, Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Elementz, the Prep Edge, Zumba, Fusion city church, Ready Steady Go Kids, Bangla Multi-cultural/Ethnic School, Canberra Tamil School and Music School, Chennai Tamil School and P&C events
The school’s partnerships are being successfully implemented and are resourced and sustainable. Each partnership was established to cater for identified needs in our wider school community. We are actively enhancing student outcomes, broadening student knowledge, building new skills, developing more positive attitudes, increasing engagement levels, and creating applied learning opportunities for students.

Palmerston staff have been driving a strong improvement agenda. We ground this in evidence and practice. Our school is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning. We work with many others, but have mentioned only a few community partnerships. The school has set targets in our annual operating plan and school plan for student achievement. We have met with community on our school vision and will continue with this over the school year. With you as our partners, and at times we may have ups and downs, we are working towards maintaining a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, and inclusive and that promotes intellectual rigour. We are using the National School Improvement Tool to assist us on this journey. Thanks for supporting us and continuing to keep clear lines of communication open in this partnership.

Melissa Travers


Posted on 15 May 2015

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