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Being Creative

This week, as I have walked around the school, I reflected on how creative our teachers and students are. Many students come up to teachers and me about ideas on how to improve our school or what the teachers could teach that may be more interesting. We always listen and reflect, and that is one way our school has made changes for the better.  I have written about a few of the notable changes below:

  • Last week you may have seen the new play equipment installed.  The children have named this Mr Phil's playground. Our janitor, Phil Batten assembled the new equipment and we now have a better enhanced play area at the entrance to our school. This idea came from the children suggesting they wanted different places to play. See the photo on facebook.
  • Last week we changed our whole school assembly time from every second Friday at 11.30 to 9am. This was a P&C request to support families who work. Our first assembly at the new time was a great success and we were presented with two awards for sustainability.
  • This week I have continued discussions with the local high school, Gold Creek, to be part of the Brick and Block program. Secondary school students who are involved in pre-apprenticeship work will later this year be building an additional handball area near the senior school. They will be working off the plans and designs that Mr Landman's maths class drew up last term.
  • We have just had our radio station installed last week also. Drop by the library and look into the old computer lab area and see the newly painted Flexible Learning Environment. This area has been funded by the money raised by the children from their annual walk-a-thon. The SRC are brainstorming for a fundraising idea for this year's walk-a- thon.
  • We have topped up our quality literature books over the holidays from the points generated from Book club. Thanks kindly to the Scholastic Bookclub mums who, each month, work so hard to supply quality reading to families. Thanks also to the mums who cover the library books after they arrive - a big job. The quality reading program came from children wanting to take home picture books with their home reader. We also have senior students reading books to younger ones and recording the stories onto USBs. These are also available to loan. The library has books with CDs also if you would like to borrow these stories.
  • Our lunchtime clubs also offer alternative activities for our children at Palmerston. We change the clubs to reflect children interest. This term we are offering: band, science, defence, CODE-ing, Boomerang, Environmental, skipping, knitting, chess, basketball, book club and soccer. Last term we had a successful teacher verses student basketball game, so this will be brought back due to popular demand from the children. The library is open each morning before school for storybook reading as well. A teacher reads a picture book each morning in the library.
  • Our science fair will be back again this year, so please look out for the flyer on how to be part of this fun family event. The children love this event and thanks to the science teachers – Mrs Levinson and Mrs Fisk - who maintain our momentum. We are targeting science purchasing also to support the National Science Curriculum.

Being creative in a school and open to ideas always brings joy to a school. When we think of creative people we often think about people who are artistic. People who can show their talents in ways such as art-painting, drawing, pottery, music , movement, drama, dance, writing and designing for example. Being creative is not just about being artistic. Being creative or artistic doesn't mean you know how to draw or play an instrument. Being creative is a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world. Creative people sometimes make NEW things but they can also think about things in different ways. Later this year, Palmerston will have a Thinking Skills Day for the whole school community.

Creative people are inquisitive and curious. They don't just accept everything or believe that there is only one way. To be a more creative person, learn to ask yourself why, what if and I wonder…

At the start of August, our staff was creative. Our school often raises money for charities or the SRC target a charity for support. On the Friday, Palmerston staff challenged themselves to be more creative, and as a team, a group of workers, we are fundraising for Jeans for Genes ourselves.  This is a Palmerston staff challenge of 'what if we (as a staff) did something for someone else?" Maybe challenge yourself this week to be creative and think differently.

Creative people are observant, they see the world differently.

Creative people also need to be persistent. They don't give up easily.

Creative people see hurdles (problems or mistakes) as leading to improvement and better solutions.

As Thomas Edison once said when asked how it felt to have failed nearly 7000 times trying to discover the best filament for an incandescent light bulb, "Those are not failures, they are solutions to problems I haven't started working on yet."

Palmerston District Primary School is a school working on solutions, we are creative and we are proud of our school and all who arrive here each day.

Melissa Travers


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