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Palmerston Post - 10 April, 2014 Term 1 Week 10 WORD (756.5 KB)
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19th Apr 2014
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21st Apr 2014
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25th Apr 2014
Anzac Day

28th Apr 2014
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Dear parents and carers,

Congratulations to all for creating a wonderful school environment. This term has been the best start to a school year. Each morning I welcome the children to school at our morning assembly and I so enjoy seeing the children's eager faces ready to learn. Morning assembly is an opportunity to share what events and activities are coming up or acknowledge the special celebrations that mark student or school achievement. If you ever have a chance, drop by for a morning assembly.

Canteen News

Parent volunteers have also been busy in the canteen this term. Students as part of their Environmental Science program grow vegetables in the school gardens. The produce will be used to support our canteen. Our canteen is aiming to be green. This means we provide healthy food options for our children at Palmerston. We are taking small steps in this direction and working towards this goal. A very big thank you to the parents who have given up their time so the children at Palmerston can have a healthy canteen. Our canteen in now called The Palm Cafe. The canteen name was voted on by the children - democracy in action! We are a real community.


Our preschool will soon have a section in the newsletter where they will be highlighting events and learning. The preschool is holding a raffle and art stall at the Car Boot sale on Saturday 22 March. They are also running a bulb drive for your spring bulbs. Now is the time to buy and start planting.


At this time of the year, the NAPLAN results are made public. The schools have had this information since last year. This information is a snapshot of where our school is at, in May last year for year 3 and year 5. As a school we have moved on academically. At Palmerston we believe that for students to achieve well, we must invest in teacher development. This is the key to achieving great student outcomes. Teachers are our best resource. We believe that with consistent teaching across the school we will endeavour to provide the best quality education for all our students. We know we have achieved outstandingly in our junior school. Our ongoing commitment is to work towards high student outcomes across the school.

So, how do we do this? Our new educators (teachers in their first three years of teaching) each have an experienced teacher mentor. We provide in class coaching from experienced teachers so that consistency in teaching practice is ensured. Teachers are provided with quality professional learning to develop their practice and provide opportunities to reflect on increasing student outcomes. In addition we have employed a professional practice lead teacher in the senior school. We link with our neighbouring schools and share best practice.

Our other belief is that it is essential that schools are happy places for young children. We know that we do not all need to be happy all the time as that is not possible to achieve and that a child's every wish cannot be granted. We do believe in providing a stimulating environment and consistency in expectations across the school. We have a broad program to engage children on many levels. We offer: engaging lessons, physical activity, bike program, outstanding play equipment and surrounds, a well maintained school and singing. We allocate a part of the week to the teaching of singing and music- through our band programs.

The main theme is the love of learning. Palmerston also has an outstanding library. It is open from 8.30am every morning as well as at lunch times. Teachers can read stories from the story telling chair, children can borrow many and varied books, and every class visits the library.  Your Library Trust Donations have meant that the library has top quality resources. It is an exciting place to play a board game, learn knitting, speak in your first language, or just sit and read. Parents can borrow books too. This is a community place. A meeting place.

I do think I have the best job, as I work at Palmerston.

Melissa Travers



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