Principal's Welcome

Yan Yeddin Burru,

Welcome to Palmerston District Primary School.

We are a school where everybody matters, where every child is at the centre of everything we do.

Passionate and dedicated teaching, office and support staff welcome new families to our school, as well as appreciating the variety of ways our continuing families and community members add value to our programs.

Students at our school come from all across the globe, we have a high multicultural presence, and our students benefit from making friends with families of different cultures.

We are an inclusive school – a place where children love to learn. We work to ensure that every child’s needs are met, challenged and celebrated.

We acknowledge that parents, carers and family members are the first teachers, and we endeavour to build positive partnerships with families as the learning journey continues through Palmerston Primary.

Our preschool offers an exemplary learning program where each child is celebrated for their ideas, their passions and their growth across this very important step in the learning. Students of Palmerston Primary are immersed in rich learning, with a focus on literacy, numeracy and integrated Inquiry. Our classrooms are open and co-teaching is seen across all year levels. Our PODS are named after mountain ranges across Australia, an authentic way to appreciate unique Australian features. With PBL (Positive Behaviours for Learning) guiding the way, we are building safe learning environments where the wellbeing of everyone is a priority.

Our specialist programs include: K-6 Music, K-6 PE and K-6 – Cultural Studies:  with K-2 focussing on Indigenous Australia and years 3-6 learning Japanese. Dedicated specialist teachers spend time with K-6 classes across the week to provide different opportunities.

We want for our students the ability and confidence to navigate their world – with skills that will empower them to be true contributors to our world.

Being Principal of Palmerston District Primary School is a privilege, welcome to our school!

Kate Smith

Dip. Teaching. Bach.Ed, M.Ed